A collection of blogs for therapists practicing play therapy.

Christmas Gratitude Craft
Making of handmade christmas toys from felt with your own hands. Children's DIY concept. Making xmas tree decoration or greeting card. Step 3. Decorate the toy.

Christmas Gratitude Craft

A fun, festive craft activity to discuss and celebrate the things we are thankful for and wishes money can't buy.  Materials Poster Paper (thick watercolor paper works great) Construction Paper…

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Fortnite in the Playroom

If you work with kids, chances are you’ve heard of the video game, Fortnite. Fortnite has gotten a lot of backlash due to its addictive nature, and the aggression and…

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Using Seashells in Play Therapy

This activity can be used to discuss protective factors, resiliency, and self-esteem (finding beauty in the imperfections). By using a shell as a symbol of the body, nature can be…

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Color your Feelings Activity

This "Color Your Feelings" activity can be used with children, adolescents, and even adults during any stage of therapy. This activity offers a visual approach to discussing internal feelings, which often conflict…

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Using Jenga in Play Therapy

Using Jenga in Play Therapy for rapport-buildingWhy use Jenga?Jenga is a popular rapport-building game in Play Therapy. Jenga can be used with ages 6 and up. In therapy, Jenga can…

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Play Therapy with Adults

Reaching the inner child in every adult “It is utterly wonderful work because it brings an enormous depth to the process. Often, when talking, we only see the ‘now’ while…

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How Trauma is like Breaking a Leg

It takes strength and courage to tackle pain- both physical AND mental. ThePlayTherapist.com Tweet We need to start taking mental health injuries more seriously. How trauma is like breaking a…

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Pillowcase Activity for Better Sleep

A mindfulness activity designed to help kids and adolescents suffering from nightmares or other sleep issues. Thoughts and moods before bedtime have shown to have an impact on quality of…

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